LeapLearner Brings Coding (and much more!) to the Village of Ponka

coding in the village of ponkaAs part of LeapLearner's efforts to bring coding education to children of rural and developing communities around the world, Ami Dror, CEO of LeapLearner, recently traveled to the small village of Ponka, located in the West African country, Sierra Leone.

Ami was first introduced to Ponka through his colleague Navyn Salem, Founder and CEO of Edesia, a non-profit that aims to eliminate malnutrition across the globe. With help from the LeapLearner team, Ami and Navyn were able to bring the supplies need to set up a computer lab for the 150+ students of the village's newly established primary school, Ponka Academy.

This October, LeapLearner decided to expand beyond its work in the digital classroom and see how the company could meet some of the additional needs of the Ponka community. The result? A container full of surprises, shipped from China all the way to Sierra Leone. Needless to say, the children of Ponka were very excited about the arrival of the container!

From a playground set to classroom materials, donated clothing to motorized tuk-tuks, LeapLearner had found a way to provide solutions to many of the challenges facing the families in the village and the students of Ponka Academy.

LeapLearner is committed to making a difference and are working with partners around the world to ensure that every child can have access to the kind of education they need to succeed in the 21st century. We look forward to using the power of education to create positive change and more prosperous future for the children and families of Ponka.

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