LeapLearner founder will be featured guest at 2017 China Online Education Summit

The annual China Online Education Summit will take place on April 26th in Shanghai. Representatives of more than 1000 education institutions will attend this summit, including industry heavyweights such as Han Wen Qi of vipjr, Yao Shu Wen of DaDa English and Ami Dror of LeapLearner.

Dror, originally from Israel and now living in Shanghai, has stressed the importance of children enjoying the learning process and how this can increase the effectiveness of the time spent learning.

According to Chinese traditional thinking, success is only achieved by making great efforts and sacrifice. This has been regarded as the "golden rule" of education. However, Dror views the path to success differently and is intent on using the LeapLearner platform to transform the process of learning into an interesting experience for students. LeapLearner recently released the beta version of their app which teaches children how to code using popular online games. The company's online platform enables children to learn how to code from home at any time.

While still in it's beta stage, LeapLearner has already become popular with parents and children. The platform aims to find the balance between enjoyment and skill-acquisition within the learning process. The company expects to launch the official version of the app in China by June 2017.

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