Hackathons: a fun new way to learn code

Students participating in LeapLearner's hackathon

On April 29th, LeapLearner hosted a group of students from one of Shanghai's premier international schools. The students were challenged to participate in a "hackathon" activity developed by the company that would teach them some of the basic elements of coding. The hackathon event integrated online learning using LeapLearner's platform together with face to face communication, both with each other and with teachers who provide additional instruction when needed.

Guided by LeapLearner teachers, a group of students ages 5 to 10 played coding games and interacting with one another. LeapLearner's platform is specifically designed to keep children engaged and interested while learning how to code and problem-solve. All of the participants enjoyed the hackathon experience and even invited friends to work with them on the various coding challenges they encountered throughout the hackathon experience. They successfully completed the hackathon and were very proud of their work and newfound coding abilities

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